Maxpedition Liger Carry Belt $65-$70

Maxpedition Liger Carry Belt

  • Strength
  • Longevity
  • Weight Distribution

Maxpedition Liger Casual Belt

The Liger is a unique composite 1.5” wide belt designed for concealed carry. Engineered by EDGYGEAR INC, “Ligerthane” claims to be a resin with a fabric core that has 2,000 lbs of strength. Maxpedition claims this vegan friendly belt to be abrasion resistant (a nice perk for those who have scuffed nice leather), impervious to liquids, bendable yet stiff enough for a carry belt, contains a gripping interior side, and a fake leather exterior side. Maxpedition also states the Liger belt is made entirely of American materials and created in America.

The belt does appear to be of good quality; however I am partial to leather products. Friends and colleagues have given the belt glowing reviews. After discussing this carry belt and handling it, I must concede if I were to break from my leather tradition I would likely go with the Liger. The only fault I can find is the unique buckle (stylish for some, off putting for others) and the holes, though sturdy, seem to have to most potential of failure.

At $65-$70, the Maxpedition Liger is on the higher price point of non leather belts. It’s unique materials and style have resonated with those not wanting leather, as well as those who are placed in damp environments. The Liger currently comes in black and is 1.5″ wide. Maxpedition does state the fitting of the Liger is unique. Instead of ordering by pants size, they ask you to measure your true waist by measuring tape.
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