Bianchi 5 Black Widow Hip Holster Review $42-$63

Bianchi 5 Black Widow Hip Holster Review

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Bianchi 5 Black Widow Holster Review

Bianchi 5 Black Widow Holster

The Bianchi Black Widow is the ideal choice for those looking for a high riding, stable and easily concealable pancake holster. The Black Widow delivers double stitching, two standard 1.75″ belt loops, and a compact design that contours to the body.

The Black Widow Holster has well placed double stitching that conforms nicely to the gun. Aesthetically it would be nice to see the molding to be more sharp, but it does not effect the performance of the holster. The belt slots are well balanced and lend to a gentle, but much needed cant.

The thumb break and open muzzle may be options that some do not care for. With a durable, thick gun belt and an over garment, this holster conceals very well. The holster is well worth the $42-$63 and should last the individual several years.

Here is an Amazon link to the Bianchi 5 Black Widow Holster


  1. Right on man! I’ve had this thing for 2 years and am not switching to anything else!

    • I think you hit a bullseye there fellas!

  2. Holy concise data batman. Lol!

  3. One of the best holsters ever!! Keeps pistol snug and in place.

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