Bianchi 59 Special Agent Paddle Holster Review $60-$84

Bianchi 59 Special Agent Paddle Holster Review

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Bianchi 59 Special Agent Hip Holster

Bianchi 59 Special Agent Holster


The Bianchi 59 Paddle Holster is a hybrid leather with a waffle pattern neoprene lined plastic paddle. Bianchi’s patented paddle is adjustable and does rotate to allow for varying cants and carry positions. The griped texture of the paddle as well as its length does lend ability for the holster to be comfortable, light, and stable. With the thumb break and re-enforced sweat guard, this is a great holster if you do not want to deal with a belt.

Even at $60-$84 this is a bargain of a holster if you are in a position where you are taking the holster on and off often.

Here is an Amazon link to the Bianchi 59 Special Agent Holster

Bianchi 59 Special Agent Holster ReviewBianchi 59 Special Agent Holster Review


  1. Good points all around. Truly appreciated.

  2. Thanks for reviewing the Special Agent holster! The indepth review, along with the pics of the backside really sold me, and I’m really glad I bought it!

    It’s very comfy and a breeze to take on and off! It sure as hell beats that crappy Uncle Mike’s nylon holster- I sent that to the dump where it belongs. I can’t believe I carried my Glock 23 for 4 months before getting a ‘real’ holster.

    Honestly it is a danger and simply irresponsible not to carry in a secure and snug holster.

    Thanks again!

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