Bianchi Allusion $50+

Bianchi Allusion

  • Weight Distributuion
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Bianchi released a three part series called the Allusion in April 2012. Surprisingly, it flew under my radar for several years. All three
holsters in the series integrate leather and thermoplastics. The first two (Model 125 ‘Consent’ and 130 ‘Classified’) offer a pair of loops so the user can alternate between OWB and IWB. The third (Model 1.5 ‘Allusion’), is strictly an IWB holster and mimics the Comp-Tac MTAC.

“With the Allusion series, we have combined tradition and technology for the 21 st century. We’ve successfully integrated Bianchi’s ingenuity in handcrafted leather design with the technological advances that Safariland has made with synthetic materials.”

-James Dawson, Safariland Category Director for the Bianchi brand.

The notable difference between the Model 125 and 130 is Model 130 has a thumb break. The author has yet to try these either of these holsters, and is unable to speak to the switchable loops. These two holsters are not ‘tuck-able’ when wearing IWB.

The Bianchi Allusion Model 135 ‘Suppression’ on the other hand, is ready for review.

two shirt- tuck-able C-clips
cant is optimized to put the grip into the kidney area of the back, minimizing any visible printing
Comfort is enhanced with a body-facing holster liner composed of soft foam covered with an anti-microbial mesh coating to reduce bacteria growth and odor.

4 fit groups.

The mesh backing and padding are a real treat compared to others that are just leather against your skin/undershirt. I like the mesh because it’s breathable and the padding makes this thing very comfortable to wear all day long.

removed/replaced as they’re attached with 2 allen head screws each. The cant is also 3 way adjustable.

It will hold the gun inverted, but just a little shake and it will release.

Holster is comfortable however, retention is on the weak side and the belt clips only fit fairly thin gun belts. I would not purchase again.

but didn’t want the kydex shell to cut holes in my pants. With this holster Bianchi has encased the kydex in leather. Unlike many holster of this style the back is not just bare leather. It has a padding covered with mesh. It was for these reasons why I bought the holster.

The pros: The materials and construction are very nice. The holster’s shape at the top has a combat cut that allows you to get a good grip on your pistol when drawing. The c-clips allow you to adjust the cant of the holster. The holster carries the load very well. I wouldn’t say that I forget that I’m wearing it, but it is very comfortable.

The last concern is only a possible one that may develop down the road. The stitching where the shell connects to the main body may be compromised and become loose over time. I plan to run a bead of super glue to around the seam to prevent this.

At this level, #135 is at least as good as the competition short of a custom holster.

Bianchi’s use of mesh padding is a tremendous success. Rather than using the usual thick leather dinner plate common to this design, #135 is built on a thin leather foundation supplemented with multiple layers of fiber mesh. While some may find the coarse fabric uncomfortable at first, most will quickly be won over by its ventilation, making for a cushy and relatively dry carrying experience. Especially if you’re fond of undershirts, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable holster on the market.

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