Bianchi Carrylok OWB Holster Review $42-$78

Bianchi Carrylok OWB Holster Review

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability

Bianchi Carrylok Holster Review


This holster is designed with the Bianchi Carrylok. It is a plastic retention devise which Blackhawk has tried to combat with their less successful Serpa holster. The Carrylok seems to be more ergonomic and in addition is encased in leather, as opposed to the Serpa.

While the holster’s mouth is not reinforced, and the stitching is mildly wide, the holster does have some strong points.For the potential firearms carrier who is worried of being disarmed by another, this may help ease their qualms.

Some argue that the Bianchi Carrylok holster has multiple points of failure, and may cause the gun to retain holstered. The author suggests if you can stay on the lower end of the $42-$78 range, the Carrylok is a holster to try.
Here is an Amazon link to the Bianchi Carrylok.

Made for the following models:

Glock 17/22, 21, 26/27, 1911, Springfield XD, Sig P220/226, H&K P7

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