Blackhawk Leather IWB Holster Reivew $36-$70

Blackhawk Leather IWB Holster Reivew

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Blackhawk Leather IWB Holster Review

The Blackhawk line of holsters can be hit or miss, depending on the model. The non rigid and non model specific holsters are atrocious and rarely can carry any gun appropriately. Finally, with the leather line of IWB holsters, Blackhawk recognizes that flimsy generic holsters is not a responsible way to carry a weapon concealed.

The Leather IWB design boasts an adjustable belt loop, rotatable for multiple forms of carry. While this multi purpose idea is appreciated, it shuts the door to being able to fix the one issue with this holster. It would be appreciated if there were two belt loops for the larger holsters to distribute the weight more efficiently. Considering the Blackhawk Leather IWB line includes hefty pistols such as the govt 1911, Beretta 92, and full sized Glocks, this concern is not unfounded. Dual belt loops not only help with the distribution of weight but also with keeping the holster in place. By having multiple points of contact, it becomes easier for the individual to draw their firearm as the holster is snugly retained. While on the subject, the single belt loop does bow out, displaying a ‘give away’ to others and decreasing the contact with the belt. This is due to it being designed to accommodate a 2″ belt. This causes excessive travel distance and will not reliably stay in place when drawing a firearm.

The throat of the holster is not enforced throughout the opening, leaving room for eventual weakening and collapse, prohibiting easy re holstering. The retention screw appears to be a “throwback” to Blackhawk’s more tactical products.

While the lack of stitching leaves something to be desired, the holster is not a bad choice for a small frame firearm that is worn in conjunction with a thick and snug belt.

This line of holsters ranges from $36-70. At those prices you are paying more for the brand name than the design or the leather craftsmanship.

An Amazon link to the Blackhawk Leather IWB Holster.


  1. You hit the nail on the head. I bought this at the gun store as my first holster when I just got my concealed carry license. I wish I had shopped around. I ended up with a Galco Summer inside the waistband a few weeks later.

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