Comp Tac MTAC Holster (Minotaur) $85

Comp Tac MTAC Holster (Minotaur)

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Comp Tac MTAC (Minotaur) Hybrid Holster Review

Comp Tac’s hybrid, MTAC (aka Minotaur), is a patented tuckable, slim holster with changeable bodies and adjustable cant. It pains this author to concede, however some Kydex is acceptable on a handgun’s holster.

The half Kydex ‘shell’ is interchangeable, allowing you to use the same leather for different guns. The Kydex belt clips contain multiple holes so that you can adjust the height the holster rides on. Different style and colors of clips can also be purchased, and all products are covered by a 1 year warranty.

At first glance, the holster appears uncomfortable and intimidating. The two belt clips provide a great fit and are very rigid. Your shirt can tuck neatly between the clips and the holster, allowing a new level of concealment.

On a side note, I discovered some squeaking from the joining of the Kydex and leather finishes. By disassembling the holster and lightly scuffing the Kydex, the majority of the sound is removed. The sound should dissipate naturally from the weathering from wearing, however it was easier to take care of it with sandpaper.

Overall, the Comp Tac MTAC makes for a great holster. It is durable, adaptable, and comfortable all while providing superior concealability. It’s distribution allows the holster to carry both light and heavy firearms, and with its quality materials, expect to be able to use this holster for many years. With a one year warranty, interchangeable parts, and the fact that it is made in the USA, the MTAC is a steal at any price.

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  1. I have carried my glock 22 and 27 while off duty with the slide version of the MTAC for five years now. I still have coworkers ask where my gun is when I come into work. I can hide my gun while wearing shorts and a t-shirt, or while wearing a suit to court and formal affairs. No one should know you are carrying a gun! Sometimes I forget I have one on me because the MTAC is so comfortable. Buy it now!

  2. The best cc Holster I’ve ever sure to use some blue LockTite on the retention screws.

  3. The MTAC blows every other holster out of the water. Thanks for the review. I took the plunge a couple months ago and it still brings a smile to my face when I look in the mirror and can’t see the holster or gun. You need to review their belts too. Badass combo!

  4. I’ve had a CCW permit for more than 25 years and this is the best CC holster I’ve ever found. Very comfortable and makes it very difficult to see.
    First time I wore it, I was out with the oldest daughter and her family and we went into a restaurant and there was a couple of unsavory characters near the door entrance. When we got inside my daughter asked where is your gun? I said I have it you just don’t know it. I had almost always had a fanny pack before, because I could find a holster that wasn’t digging into your side or crotch. This one works! Buy it, it worth the money!

  5. I owned the MTAC for 5 years, it was a very nice holster, now the plastic broke and they no longer support this “old Style” leather. I am very disappointed, but I am now trying the Alien Gear Holster. So far even better than the MTAC. Use cation when reading the reviews of the MTAC, I left a review that was less than 5 stars and they will not put it on the site, just for your info. It is still a good holster and I do own another one that I still like, just they are only 5 years old and no longer supported.

    • Ralph,

      Thanks for the information, it’s disappointing to hear they may be skewing the reviews on their site. I have heard of Alien Holsters and in fact recently purchased one. I will have to get that review together!

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