Concealment Belts

Concealment Belts

Carry Belts — why a normal belt just won’t fit.

Let’s face it. Today’s ‘Average Joe’s’ belt is made only for fashion. They aren’t designed for the laborer, or even strenuous activity. Fashion trumps function for today’s everyday activity, thus most are stretchy, limp synthetics, and not of quality materials.

With a ‘big box belt’, your pants slide down and around while carrying your phone, keys, and wallet unless you over tighten your belt. Looking at anyone bent over is proof a ‘plumbers’ crack’ is still an issue.  It can barely function to hold up your pants, keys and wallet- and you probably paid $20 or much more for that ‘privilege’.

‘Box store belts’ are made of cheap materials that stretch and are not for bearing weight. They’re merely a fashion accessory. Go ahead; take a look at a typical belt. It’s a limp, stretchy noodle.

Tack on the weight of a loaded gun (perhaps another magazine as well), and your ‘big box belt’ is over taxed. Your pants tilt to one side, a dead giveaway that you are carrying. Your pants slide, and you’re continually grabbing around your carry area to readjust your pants and firearm. Not good, my friend … not safe.  Nothing is more embarrassing than running off somewhere to hide so you can readjust your gun and tighten that belt so you can’t feel your toes. Get a real belt, one that was built to hold your firearm securely and safely.

What to look for in a carry belt

An average gun belt runs $60-$100, and should last 4 years or longer. Leather belts are two thick strips sewn together to create a thickness of roughly ¼”. In addition to thickness, a carry belt must also be durable and stiff. Some manufactures add a medium between the two strips to increase stiffness.

Some claim that because of the even weight distribution, a carry belt also helps with lower back strain and pain. On a personal note, many years ago I purchased a carry belt at the time of my first IWB holster. Since then, I have purchased several other carry belts for daily use (collect all the colors, right?), and all have functioned flawlessly for many years. I’m proud to say I will never resort to another ‘big box belt’, and stop by the display from time to time only to chuckle at the paper thin belts.

Once you purchase a carry belt, you will understand there is no going back. The carry belt will become your average day-to-day belt even when you are not carrying. When carrying, you get the benefit of a snug firearm without having to have an overly tight belt. Whether carrying or not, you get a belt that eliminates ‘plumbers’ crack’, pants sliding down, and with the sharp stitching, are very fashionable!

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