Desantis Scabbard Pancake Holster Review $65-$80

Desantis Scabbard Pancake Holster Review

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Desantis Holster Review

Desantis Scabbard Holster Review

The Desantis Scabbard with thumb break hosts an adjustable retention screw, precise molding, bright stitching, and an additional belt slot. For those unfamiliar with reasoning for an additional belt slot, no- it isn’t a mistake. The reason for the extra slot on the Scabbard Holster is to give the wearer a choice for the cant of the holster. If the belt is placed through the bottom one, the holster will ride higher and have less cant. This additional slot is also known as a three slot model.

The belt slots are the standard 1.75″, and the holster is available for many types of guns. Upon first use, the Desantis was rather snug, but after some stretching and use, it warmed up to the pistol.

One disappointing feature is the interior stitching on the trigger side of the holster. The contrasting bright stitching is beautiful against the natural colored leather. Unfortunately, the stitching is not very close to the firearm. The retention of the Desantis Scabbard relies more on the retention screw and glued leather, and less on the permanent stitching. It would be commendable for Desantis to have stitched to the contours of the firearm, however it is less practical for the mass produced holster. To the majority of the market, the holster will outlast its purpose, but those in a humid or rugged environment may want to factor in this stitching.

The Desantis Scabbard is priced at around $65-$80. If you don’t care for the thumb break on the Desantis Scabbard, check out the Desantis Speed Scabbard.

Here is an Amazon link to the Desantis Scabbard Holster


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  1. I carry a glock 26 and use this holster. As a girl is sucks having to wear such big belts but it is a goo holster. Keep up the good work!

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