Front-Line IWB Leather With Kydex Review $40

Front-Line IWB Leather With Kydex Review

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  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Front-Line IWB Leather Holster

Front-Line is an Israeli based manufacture who contracts for their military. They offer a variety of leather holsters that are illegibly hand made. This IWB holster provides a 360 degree throat which is highly welcomed. The stitching does not mirror the firearm’s outline, though it is closer than some other commercial manufacturers. The Front-Line IWB offers a dual prong kydex attachment for a belt which runs the entire length of the holster.

The prongs are lower than typically seen on an IWB holster. A significant amount of weight is in the grip of a loaded 1911, and the placement of the weight is crucial. When the heavy firearm is much higher than the belt on an IWB, the individual feels less of the weight around the hips and feels much more agile. In addition, there is less firearm within the pants to constrict and hamper movement. While this may seem ideal, there is a downfall. The holster now becomes “top heavy”, and the firearm runs a risk of being un-holstered through various ways, and there is a possibility the holster is completely removed from within the pants. With a high riding firearm, not only do you deal with the risk of having it un-holstered. With a heavy firearm (presumably large as well), you now have more that may print through your clothing.

Depending on how you wear your pants (it’s better if your pants are up in this case- as in most instances…), the Front-Line IWB may or may not be for you. Another aspect of this holster is the fact that the belt retention device is fixed in a vertical position. Most carriers enjoy a mild cant which follows their hand’s natural angle. This holster lacks any cant, making concealing, and overall carrying the 1911 more difficult.

At $40, this will either be a bargain holster, or one that sits in the holster bin for years to come. It all depends on your carrying preferences.

Here is an Amazon link to the Front-Line IWB Holster.


  1. I like the efforts you have put in to the holster reviews. It is much appreciated!

    • Outstanding thoughts, LC Judas. FYI, I hate ankle carry with anything other than an Airweight snubby, and even the 15 oz. airweight becomes uncomfortable over time.

  2. “Surely God would not have created such a being as man to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality.” – Abraham Lincoln So was this holster! Talk about durable! Whew!!

  3. It’s super page, I was looking for something like this!!

  4. I like this web site very much so much superb info. It really helps after I got my CCDW. Thanks for all the great holster info!

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