Galco Royal Guard IWB Review $100-$143

Galco Royal Guard IWB Review

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality


Galco Royal Guard IWB Holster

Updated in 2013, the Royal Guard has now been outfitted with a sweat guard, premium horsehide, swappable loops with an integrated reinforced mouth, and a slightly more aggressive cant.

This is Galco’s top of the line IWB holster. The holster sports the horse hide and rough side out material, which Galco seems to be fond of.

The Royal Guard features a re-enforced mouth. The dual loops have a mild cant which is comfortable for most, and supportive of small to medium frame handguns. The entirety of the Royal Guard is narrow, which may distribute weight unevenly for some.

This Galco holster originally did not come with a sweat guard, however a sweat guard was implemented in 2013’s design. This premium line of holsters by Galco runs between $100-$130. While certainly durable, there are better choices for larger firearms. For a lesser cost option, swing by and check out the Galco SC2.


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  1. I’m a retired LEO. This is my go to holster nowadays. It is a lot better than what we used to use back in the day! The only problem is the length on the barrel on my 1911 holster can be uncomfortable when sitting.

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