Galco Side Snap Scabbard SSS OWB Holster Review $89-$110

Galco Side Snap Scabbard SSS OWB Holster Review

  • Weight Distributuion
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Galco’s Side Snap Scabbard (SSS) OWB holster (not to be mistaken for the Desantis Scabbard) is a take on the fad of snap loops. In lieu of belt slots, two fastened leather strips are joined by a snap to give the user a convenience factor not seen in traditional slots. This design first surfaced commercially around 2004 and has yet to become overly popular. Although easier to don and doff, side snaps tend to be less conforming to the waist, offer the chance of unsnapping, and lack the clean aesthetics wearers are used to.

With that said, the Side Snap Scabbard offers quality leather, a retention screw, and a high gloss finish. Unlike forgiving belt slots which commonly fit an over sized 1.75″ belts, the Side Snap holster fits only up to a 1.5″ belt. To its credit, the snaps do feel tight and the Side Snap with a medium frame firearm does ride well having a mild cant and positioned low.

For the wearer who is constantly taking their firearm on and off (entering no gun zones?) and can not fathom an empty holster, this design may have some merit. This author is simply uncomfortable with the loss of the tight pull towards the body which the traditional slots offer, more importantly the peace of mind knowing there are no snaps which may be dislodged. At the end of the day, you may be trading reliability and certainty for comfort with this design-something no proper firearm owner should do. The devil’s advocate may suggest the vast majority of IWB holsters are retained by two snaps….

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  1. I have used this holster since 2009 w/a G19 and have nothing but praise for it…It is the most comfortable all day holster I have owned. I have to take on and off my weapon from time to time and the snaps are ideal…The snaps are strong and I have never had an issue w/them not holding or coming loose…It does cost a pretty coin but for the comfort and ease of on/off you can’t go wrong…I have also put it thru the ringer w/hot summers and doing a lot of driving getting in and out of a vehicle over the years…It feels like your favorite pair of worn jeans.

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