Galco Ultra Undercover IWB Holster Review $62-$80

Galco Ultra Undercover IWB Holster Review

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Galco Ultra Undercover IWB Holster


Meet one of Galco’s higher end IWB holster. Made of horsehide and a patented ‘J-hook’ belt attachment device, the Ultra Undercover IWB is a respectable holster. The leather is turned rough side out. A discussion on this matter can be found at the end of the article.

Because of the the length of the re-enforced mouth, as well as the thickness of the leather, the Galco UDC should prove to hold its own for years to come.

A minor problem with the plastic hook is that it places a majority of the downward weight on the tip of the pants band. Depending on the pants and the weight of the gun, this may become an annoyance but should not prove to be a significant hindrance. The ‘j-hook’ is also non adjustable and is set up with a minimal amount of cant.

If you enjoy the style of the Glaco Ultra Undercover and are planning on carrying a small firearm, this is one choice. For the price, a hand crafted holster should also be considered. This holster typically is priced at $62-$80.

Don’t forget to view the discussion on the matter of rough side in or out below.

Here is an Amazon link to the Galco UDC.

Made for following models:

3.5″ 1911, Beretta Tomcat, S&W J-frame, Sig P223, P230, P239, Walther PPK/PPKS, Glock 26/27/33, Kahr K9/k40, S&W M&P compact

On the matter of rough side in or out:

There are two schools of thought on this practice.

One party enjoys the rough side of the holster on the outside, suggesting that the rough side helps to grab onto the surroundings and keep the holster in place. They may also believe that keeping the smooth side of the leather in contact with the gun helps to diminish the wear on the gun’s finish.

The other side suggests that when the slick side of the leather is in contact with the gun it reduces the retention of the firearm. They may also suggest that the rough side out hinders carry or is negligable.

From a manufacturing stand point, it might be argued that the leather used could be inferior and hidden. They also do not have to dye the leather.

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