Galco V-Hawk IWB Holster Review $88-$95

Galco V-Hawk IWB Holster Review

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Galco V-Hawk IWB Holster Review

Galco V-Hawk IWB

Galco’s V-Hawk Holster was released in early 2011 to mixed emotions. Some feel it copies the design of Milt Spark’s Versa Max II Holster. The friction runs deep between the holster makers as there is also a similarity between Galco’s Summer Comfort and the Spark’s Summer Special.Galco V-Hawk IWB Holster Review

The Galco V-Hawk comes with a pair of leather 1.5″ belt loops, 1.75″ ‘C’ shaped hooks, and a pair of 1.75″ tuck-able metal belt clips.  A true trifecta of belt attachment options.

The V-Hawk IWB Holster offers a re enforced mouth as well as a sweat guard. The spread between belt attachment points lends to assisting in the distribution of the weight and helps conform to the natural curve of the body.

One common complaint is that with use this Galco holster begins folding at the bottom because of the use of overly thin leather.

Here is an Amazon link to the Galco V-Hawk IWB

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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures! I’m a visual person and couldn’t find anything on the holster attachment points! Thanks for the concealed carry reviews!

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