Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shooter’s Belt $60

Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shooter’s Belt

  • Weight Distributuion
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

The Gold Line Shooter’s belt by Gould and Goodrich may very well take the cake for best leather concealed carry belt under $80. With its vegetable tanned leather and being created in the USA,  along with the technical attributes, it’ll be hard pressed to be beat.

The Gold Line Shooter’s belt weighs in with a hefty 3/16″ – 1/4″ thickness and has a removable 1.5″ buckle (so you can proudly display that cowboy buckle). It’s a great place to hang your holster, whether large or small and has a clean, classy look in either saddle brown or black.

At $60, you’re teetering in the range of a cheap, faux leather belt. Don’t let the price of this belt mistake you, it’s blows those cheap belts out of the water. This author wouldn’t be surprised to see the belt start to creep up into the $80 range soon.

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