Hybrid (Kydex and Leather) Holsters

Hybrid (Kydex and Leather) Holsters


This author has made his stance on Kydex holsters clear. However, the issue of ‘hybrid holsters’ (the union of both leather and Kydex) must be addressed. Kydex is a strong, mold-able plastic, and when used in its entirety for holsters, gives the user durability and economy, while negating comfort, concealment, forgiveness, and furthermore increasing wear on the gun’s finish.  Hybrid holsters are typically comprised of the outer panel of the holster and the belt attachments consisting of Kydex, while the backing is leather. The forgiving leather diminishes some of the Kydex’s detriment.

There have been many companies rising up to offer these hybrids. The original makers include Comp Tac and Crossbreed. Crossbreed’s design is crude and simple. The leather is punched out and not ‘dressed’. The Comp Tac style includes dressed edges, stitching, and coloring, and the Kydex is interchangeable. Both holsters have adjustable belt loops and allow the user to tuck their shirt between the holster and pants, one impressive feat that most leather holster makers are slowly incorporating into their designs.

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