OWB Holsters

OWB Holsters

Outside the Waist Band (OWB) Holsters

So what is an OWB holster? OWB stands for Outside the Waist Band. Taken at face value, that can be extracted to mean any holster not being worn … or holsters such as purses and jackets!!

With that said, in the firearms industry, OWB holsters are understood to be any concealable holster worn on the belt not tucked inside the pants. While holsters not intended to be concealed (duty or western holsters) are a grey area, OWB holsters are commonly classified as chiefly

  • paddle holsters.
  • pancake holsters.
  • snap on.
  • 3 slot holsters.

These holsters are best secured by a sturdy belt and typically have two slots for the belt to pass through. On some models there are three slots — in these instances, the belt is designed only to go through two of them. The wearer chooses which slots to put the belt, and in turn decides on the amount of cant the holster will have. Both the snugness of the holster to the wearer and the retention of the weapon to the holster are created by the torque placed on the tightened belt. In other holsters with kydex or plastic belt loops, this piece of engineering is lacking.

The Outside the Waist Band (OWB) holster is best concealed by an over garment such as a long shirt, jacket, sweatshirt. Look for a style of holster that rides closely to the body, is comfortable, and allows for easy movement. Most commonly, the best is used to pull the holster into the wearer and keep it in place. It is also the most popular choice for open carry.

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