Pocket Holsters

Pocket Holsters

The pocket holster is designed to — at the risk of being redundant — be carried in your pocket. The chief attributes of this concealed carry holster style is meant to securely rest in a pocket without much movement during everyday activity. The holster should dissengage and remain in the pocket when drawing the firearm. The combination of a chosen firearm, pocket holster, and clothing is paramount so that the firearm does not ‘print’. Here are some basic requirements of a pocket holster:

  • The pocket holster must keep the firearm safe, secure, and stable.
  • The holster remains in the pocket when the firearm is drawn.

While this seems simple, the actual carrying out of these requirements is rather hard to find. Keeping a pocket pistol secure rules out many of the synthetic or leather holsters that are designed as ‘one size fits all’ (or most). Keeping the firearm secure and stable rules out several in the pocket holster designs including the ‘wallet’ style.

The holster must remain in the pants when the firearm is drawn. Anything else disables the ability for single hand draws and frankly at the very least you will look like Barney Fife. A ‘hook’ integrated into some leather pocket holsters is designed to catch the upper and outer corner of a pocket and remain in the pocket upon drawing, leaving only the upholstered firearm.

Typically, pocket holsters are designed of either leather or a rubbery/nylon/sticky synthetic material. While I am biased and recommend a leather holster in any situation, products such as the Remora are worth considering. Some nylon holster offers a slight advantage to those worried about ‘printing’ and it offers a trivial amount more padding, the nylon holster does not offer the same amount of security and stability as its leather counterpart.

Additionally, leather pocket holsters cost about the same as nylon holsters, and are more durable. A nylon holster will collect lint in your pocket and deteriorate unlike its leather counterpart. Regardless of the pocket hoslter chosen, it should never bounce around while you move, or run the risk of sliding out of the pocket.

There are a few kydex pocket holsters in the marketplace. I have yet to find that kydex can conform to the individual or conceal like a leather pocket holster can.

It fits snugly, will not slip out, and last a lifetime

Below are the holsters reviewed


  1. who makes the leather holster on the right?

  2. Hi Brian,

    The holster on the right was made by Louisville Leather, a great small leather company. Unfortunately, I believe the maker has closed his doors for the foreseeable future.

  3. Check with Jackson Leather Works.
    He made a pocket holster for my XDS and I love it

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