Safariland 328 Pancake Holster Review $47-$54

Safariland 328 Pancake Holster Review

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Safariland 328 Pancake Holster Review

Safariland 328 Pancake

Here is a 3-slot pancake holster from Safariland.  The Model 328 pancake holster is created with a thumb break, suede lining, and traditional 1.75″ belt slots. The additional belt slot on the slide side of the holster allows the user to determine the degree of cant.

At first glance, this holster appears to be well built. The stitching is close to the gun, and the suede lining gives the Safariland holster a feel of royalty. Unfortunately it is very difficult to marry the thick vegetable tanned leather to another, thinner material- in this case the suede. This discrepancy culminates in a rough burnished edge, giving the user a scratch upon every movement if the holster is in contact with the skin (ex. if you carry the holster concealed under your shirt without an undershirt).

The disappointing matter is that Safariland should know better than to place the lining in this holster. The suede lining offers no benefit and is clearly the first point of failure as it wears the quickest and is in contact the most with the friction of holstering a firearm.

In other aspects, the holster is well made. The stitching is placed closely to the firearm, and the quality of the leather is respectable. The fit of the firearm was a little snug at first, and the thumb break was mildly difficult to attach. This was of little concern as the break in process of a holster is expected, and the tighter the holster is initially the better the retention will be throughout its life.

This author would be happy to pay the $47-$54 for this holster as long as Safariland keeps the suede. If you have thick skin or do not plan to wear this holster upon your skin then this holster should be more appealing.

Here is an Amazon link to the Safariland 328.

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