Talon Wallet Pocket Holster $50

Talon Wallet Pocket Holster

  • Weight Distribution
  • Concealability
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Practicality

Talon Wallet Holster

The Talon Wallet holster boasts a thick and durable leather formed to be mistaken as a wallet. This author would prefer his firearm not to print at all, prefers to keep his firearm out of the reach of pickpockets, and is not keen on sitting on his firearms. By placing the firearm in a back pocket, the individual opens himself up to these risks. When placed in the front pocket, the Talon Wallet Holster does not conform to the leg, forcing an obvious print through the pants fabric. In addition, the backing prevents an easy grasp on the handle of the firearm.

Although this author tries to remain impartial and objective, he can not endorse this ideology. At $50, there are many better designs to chose from, and for less money.

Here is an Amazon link to the Talon Wallet Holster.

Available in the following models:

Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard, Sig P-238, Diamondback DB380, Taurus TCP


  1. Your pocket holster review article recommends the leather holster shown for $30 but there is no indication what the pictured holster is!

  2. Hello Dick, it’s great to see you’re reading the reviews, and I hope you’re finding them beneficial. The holster pictured on this page is of the Talon pocket holster. We found it to be poor in overall design and was difficult to grasp for a quick draw.

    Thanks again, please enjoy the site. If you’d like to see more holsters reviewed, please use the link to the submission page located above!

  3. I found your review quite one sided and biased against pocket holsters to be anything like subjective.

    First, if one buys any holster and simply holsters the gun and leaves it without working and practicing is sing for trouble. I have this holster, and use it daily. I have practiced drawing extensively and an very good. It draws perfectly and never binds.

    Granted , should I happen to frequent areas live with pick pockets, this holster would be a poor choice, just as poor as my choosing to be in that area in the first place. A razor blade can open up a front pocket just as easy as a back pocket.

    I love my holster and it works perfect for me

  4. To the first commenter named Dick. I’ll help the admin out and correct his reply. The $30 holster you are asking about, on the pocket holster review page(not this one) is made by Louisville Leather and is no longer in business. Just had to clarify.

  5. I have and use daily 2 Talon wallet holsters, very well made and very fast to draw with a little practice,as far as printing, they only look like a wallet and not a gun, which they are supposed to. I cant find a better holster then the Talon..

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